10 tech investment winners for a post-Covid world

While the economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic is undeniable, data reported by key companies reveal that there are specific segments of the tech industry that are crushing it...

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Humans Are Needed in the Robotic Loop

When news broke in January that jobs had been lost at the highly automated Henn Na Hotel in Sasebo, Japan, it wasn't just another case of...

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Human in the loop key to unstructured operations, says Cognicept

Industrial automation suppliers and users often rely on systems integrators for robot deployment and management. As mobile robots spread throughout manufacturing and supply chain operations, a new class of service providers is emerging...

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Bridging the limitations of AI

Aiming to close the gap between the physical and the virtual world might seem slightly farfetched, but with human operators behind the wheel...

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The significance of “edge cases” and the cost of imperfection as it pertains to AI adoption

Historically, tools enhance human labor. An ax without someone to swing it is not useful. An automated assembly line provides much more leverage than the ax, but will still invariably contain processes that require human...

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This tech could be the secret ingredient to the mass adoption of robots

From the simple Roomba to cute room service robots in hotels that make puppy noises, smart robots are allaround us now. But the success of the industry depends heavily on near-zero failure rate...

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