Our Product

A Global Human/Robot Remote Intervention OS


Expand Robot Capabilities by Injecting Human Intelligence in any Robot, on Demand.

Software Module

Get remote access and guide your robot fleet at the finest levels of control from anywhere


Track the status of your fleet and set alert thresholds for important parameters


Identify & remediate the root causes of failure in both operational and technical domains

Software Modules

Crisp Intervention System

See what your robot sees and guide it

Triage Tools & Analytics Dashboard

Understand system performance and root cause of errors

Error Classification Stack

Automatically identify and classify errors



Get notified anytime a robot needs attention

Mobile Integration

Receive alerts and team comms via SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc


Get alerts when robot conditions exceed optimal ranges



See the robots environment and take control to solve edge case failures

Team & Customer Communication

Integrated communications so your message reaches the right person immediately.


Not every problem can be solved remotely. Get someone nearby to get the robot back to work

Inject Human
Intelligence into any Robot on Demand

A better way to improve production and efficiency


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